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Where to see the Act!vated Story Theatre perform.

You are invited to free public shows sponsored by public libraries and other venues. Our study guides are loaded with Act!vated Act!vities to help you and your children dive deeper into the stories.

Read an Act!vated story.

Dive into the collection of stories adapted from the stage productions. Read them aloud with your children and let them explore the interactive pages.

#beActivated wristbands available at public shows#beActivated

What is #beActivated? It is using your imagination. Playing. Being physically fit so you can do amazing things. Inspiring others to dream big.

When we put on a show we go all out. We live that philosophy off stage too.

We hope you are inspired to exercise your imagination, do physical comedy, read stories. Do cartwheels, walk on a slackline, parachute out of an airplane. Live life to the fullest!

Go ahead use the hashtag #beActivated when posting photos of yourself trying new things online.

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If the show made you and your kids giggle, made you ponder, gave you a new perspective or even inspired a theatrical presentation in your living room. Then congratulations, you have been act!vated! Here is how you can help act!vate others and make more friends:

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