Put more exclamation points in your school assemblies and library reading programs with Act!vated Story Theatre. Young audiences don't just listen to stories, they see them act!vate on stage. Students experience interactive theatre with physical comedy, audience participation, witty scripts, music, dance, American Sign Language, colorful costumes and imaginative props.

Every production incluldes two stories set before a gigantic oversized book (designed to easily fit into public libraries or school gymnasiums) encouraging reading and reinforcing the love for books and literacy. Each 45 minute show is staged by professional actors, with a supporting cast of young guest stars from your community.

American Sign Language
in every show

Fun Educational Children's Theatre the Whole Family will enjoy

Act!vated Story Theatre, a division of L'Eau Theque Productions a non-profit 501(c)3, has been touring nonstop bringing theatrical folktale shows to every nook and cranny across the U.S.A. since 1988.

Act!vated Story Theatre is perfect for small theatres, school assemblies, after-school programs, school family nights, youth groups, community centers, homeschool groups and library reading programs nationwide. Bring live children's theatre to any space where students and their families gather.

Act!vated Story Theatre brings the show to your community without additional travel fees. Two professional performers tour year round to bring live educational theatre to children anywhere and everywhere they live. From small rural communities to large cities and everything in between.

Igniting imaginations and inspiring creativity with impactful multicultural folktales from around the world.

"The Act!vated Story Theatre is an awesome experience. It's not just a show, it's an interactive storytime that gets everyone involved, kids and adults alike!" ~Matthew Mano, Youth Services Librarian, Swansboro Branch Library, Swansboro, NC